How To Dispose Of A Copier

Calendar Tuesday, April 6th, 2021


You or your business may have just upgraded to a more functional copy machine, and you are needing to get rid of your old one. There are a couple of options that you have when it comes to disposal. Whether the machine is still in a working condition or just completely dysfunctional, we will give you the best tips on how to get rid of it. 


When you are in the process of purchasing a new copier, one good option would be to donate or to sell it. If you sell the old one, it may help to cover some of the costs of the new machine. We know that a good copy machine isn’t always the cheapest expense, but selling the old one could be a good choice. If you choose to donate your old one, this can help other companies or businesses to help cut costs in places where they need to. Donating the old machine can also help to replace non-functional parts in other machines.


Another good option when it comes to disposing of your old copier is to recycle it. This will help to reuse the pieces to go into something completely new. Recycling is one of the best options. This will help reduce waste from all of the machines being thrown out on a daily basis. This is also better for the environment in general. So, if you are unable to resell or donate your old copy machines, our advice is to take it to a recycling center. 

Contact manufacturer

You can also always contact the manufacturer or the company who sold you the machine in the first place. Most times, they are willing to accept the machine back so that they can repurpose it in some form. Just like the recycling aspect, some companies may find uses for some of the parts that are still working or they will take it to an actual recycling facility.

While businesses are always looking for new and improved ways to keep their business running smoothly, there are always options for the removal of the old ones. We think the best way is to use it until it just doesn’t work properly for the way that you need it for your business to run. 

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