How to Copy Mailing Labels with a Copier

Calendar Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

stack of copies for mailingFrom a small office with a mere dozen employees to a large corporation with hundreds of employees, every business is responsible for sending out bulk mailings. Whether it is just a few mailings a week or it is multiple mailings every day, you can save your employees a significant amount of time and energy by copying labels with a copier machine.

Spare your valuable staff members hours of boring labor and use this time in a more productive manner by making the process of copying labels simple and stress free. Once employees are familiar with the task of feeding and copying envelopes, they will be able to run large batches of them without any assistance.

The process for feeding mailing or address labels into a copier and copying them goes as follows:

  1. Place the labels in the copy machine’s bypass or MP tray.
  2. Use the paper selection menu to choose labels as the type of paper. If necessary, select a label size as well.
  3. Insert the labels in the document feeder. The labels may go either face up or face down, depending on the copier make and model. If you aren’t sure of the label orientation, check your copier manual.
  4. Enter the number of labels that you would like to print.
  5. Press start.

There are a couple tips that you should keep in mind while copying labels to ensure smooth, jam-free copying.

  • House labels in a cool, dry environment. Damp or web labels are much more likely to jam in a copy machine. If labels do get wet or damp, replace them immediately so that no one uses them.
  • Avoid passing a sheet of labels through a copier more than one time. Labels that pass through multiple times have a high risk of jamming the copier or peeling off and getting stuck on the rollers.

Copier labels are inexpensive and readily available from any local or chain office supply store. They come in different sizes, colors, and quantities. Take care to select the labels that are the best fit for your copier and the job at hand. Not all labels are appropriate for all copying jobs. For example, if you are addressing navy blue or dark red envelopes, clear labels with black print may not be a great choice.

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