How To Clean The Slit Glass On A Copier

Calendar Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

What Is Slit Glass?

man using scanner on a multi-function copierSlit glass has optical properties that resemble those of regular glass, but without some of the less desirable qualities. Slit glass is extremely hard to break, lacks micro cracking and has a refractive index of 1.64. Generally, the glass used for making slit glass has an index of 1.52.

Glass slits can be used for virtually any type of application that requires transparency, non-isolation or non-conductance.They’re relevant for a wide range of tasks from anotic bonding to phase-sifting. Optical, telecommmuciations, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers make extensive use of slit glass. When slit glass is used in multifunctional products (MFPs) and digital copiers, it consists of a piece of glass that an image passes through immediately before striking the drum.

Older analog copiers used an entire glass with mirrors to send images to the photoconductor. Today digital copiers use slit glass instead. A copier passes an image along the glass, using mirrors to transport it to the contact image sensor (CCD) unit. The CCD unit turns the analog data into digital data. When an individual uses the processor or document feeder, the original moves slowly over the slit glass. The image never gets copied right from the glass where the person placed the original.

Why Does Slit Glass Leave Streaks On Copied Pages?

Digital copiers, fax machines, and multifunctional printers are equipped with slit glass for the purpose of scanning images. Over time, the glass gets smudged, which can leave streaks on copies and faxes.

When lines appear on copies while using the document feeder, take the following steps to clean the glass:

  1. Lift up the document feeder. Locate a narrow strip of glass on the left hand side of the glass panel. It is about one inch by 12 inches. This piece of glass is the slit glass.
  2. Take a clean cotton towel and soak it with alcohol. You can also use an alcohol swab. Glass cleaner is a viable substance, but it is not an effective as alcohol when it comes to removing common copier slit glass dirt, such as ink and white out. Alcohol swaps are cheap and easy to obtain. They come in small sealed pouches.
  3. Allow the alcohol to soak for a minute to free up the debris. If alcohol does not clear up the issue, try using D-Ink or WD-40.
  4. Take the alcohol or glass cleaner soaked towel and go over the slit glass. Don’t ever spray cleaner right on the glass. Then dry the glass with another clean towel to get rid of streaks.

UCI is a full-service copier company in the Amarillo, Texas, area. We are happy to help our clients with every aspect of cleaning a copier, so they get the job done correctly. If you have any questions about the slit glass or any other component of your copy machine, contact us.