How To Add An Email Address To A Copier For Scan-To-Email

Calendar Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Do you use your copier to scan documents and images? Are you frequently emailing or faxing these scanned documents and images? Adding email addresses and phone numbers to your contact list can save you a lot of time, especially if you send most of your scanned files to the same people. It will take you a few extra minutes to enter the email addresses initially, but will save you time with each subsequent email you send.

How To Input Contacts

You will input email contacts through your web browser as opposed to your copier machine. Open a new browser window. Type in the printer network card IP address. Click Basic ? Address ? Contact ? Add Contact. Locate the name and email forms and fill them in accordingly. Click submit. To add more contacts, simply click the Add Contact link and fill in the fields.

Locate the Network link on the right, and click on it. Make sure the Default Gateway and other information is correct. If there are incorrect details, make changes as needed. Click the Submit button.

At the top of the page, click Scanner ? Email. Input a default subject and body message that let clients and customers know who is sending the email and what type of files they are receiving. Including this information also helps prevent spam filters from blocking the emails. When you are finished, click the Submit button.

Find the text “Click here to set up SMTP server,” and click on it. You must turn on SMTP protocol, set up the SMTP port number, and put in your SMTP server name. Your SMTP requirements will dictate the authentication protocols. Click on the Test button. If everything is set up properly, you should get an OK message. If you receive an error message, you will need to go back and look for a mistake.

Keep in mind that scan to email setup and function may vary differ from one copier to the next. If you ever have questions about this process, consult your owner manual or contact your copier dealer.

The first time you scan a document and send it via email, send a test email to yourself. This process will ensure that you can scan and send files correctly before you try to send a file to a customer or client.

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