How Long Does A Copier Typically Last?

Calendar Friday, August 30th, 2019

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For many businesses, cost is one of the most important factors of every operation. When it comes to copiers, you want to be sure you get the most out of them for the longest period possible. You may be wondering how long a copier typically lasts. The answer is that the lifespan of a copier will depend on certain factors, including who you are asking.

How much do you use the copier?

If you don’t use your copier too often, it may last longer than an estimated lifespan. If you use the machine to its maximum often, it will not last nearly as long. For example, if your equipment is rated to have an output of 60,000 pages per month and you meet this limit, it will not last as long as if you only used the lower recommended output.

Do you maintain your copier?

Maintenance is a vital part of extending the life of your copier. Following maintenance specs in your manual will help you take care of your machine. Depending upon whether your copier is new or refurbished, maintenance may mean different things. It should include regular cleanings, upgrades, repairs, and inspections.

How the manufacturer explains copier lifespan

If you go straight to the source of your copier (large manufacturers like Epson, Cannon, and Kyocera), they will talk about duty cycle and recommended monthly volumes. The duty cycles in manuals are often inflated, so they represent an enhanced limit. With this in mind, remember that you will probably not (and definitely shouldn’t) use your copier every minute of every day each month.

Another aspect to remember about how long your copier can last is that manufacturer ratings are controlled. The environment at your business will be different and unique. Dust, temperature, and general wear and tear will all influence the lifespan of your machine.

What salespeople say about how long a copier can last

As a typical answer, salespeople will say that copiers typically last 3-5 years. This is the common lease lifespan too. It may sound wrong, but your salesperson will most likely understand if your copier is still efficient at the end of your contract. If it isn’t, they can recommend a machine that will work better for your printing needs. Here are some questions they may ask you to help determine the lifespan.

  • Have you been maintaining your copier regularly?
  • Do you use the machine as often as you estimated at the beginning of the lease?
  • Are you still using compatible technology or have you changed things up?

Another question your salesperson may ask you to consider is whether you would like upgrades. Technology, security, and efficiency are always being upgraded in the print industry. If your equipment is still in good shape but old, it may still be more cost-efficient to get a newer copier.

What the technician will say about your copier’s lifespan

Technicians are tasked with fixing copiers and will tell you that they can (or at least try their best) to make your equipment last as long as possible. Some will not be entirely truthful and may say the machine can last as long as parts can be found. Although this can save you money in the long-run, sometimes a new copier will actually be more cost-efficient over the same lifespan. Authorized dealers will be your best bet for working with trustworthy professionals.

Do you have questions about your copier?

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