How Do I Resize A Picture On A Copy Machine?

Calendar Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Resizing a document is one of the simplest and most versatile features of a modern photocopier. From reducing a large photo to a size that will fit within a letter sized document with text around it to enlarging a text page with a small font so that it is easily readable, there are a wide range of uses for resizing documents on a copier. The following instructions will get you started with this process.

How To Resize A Photo On A Copier

Start by putting the document on the glass. While you can use the document feeder, this option increases the risk of the document getting jammed or damaged. Also, if it takes you a few tries to get the resizing just right, you’ll have to feed the document multiple times. Placing the document on the glass eliminates this hassle.

Once you have your document placed, find the zoom function within the control panel. It may not be in exactly the same place on every copy machine, but it shouldn’t be too hard to locate. After you have found the function, you can use it to resize the document manually. Most copiers allow resizing anywhere from 30 to 300 percent of the original size of the document.

After you have selected a zoom percent and made a copy, check the results. Initially, it will take some trial and error to get comfortable with choosing the correct zoom for a given document. Once you’ve checked the results, make adjustments as necessary. In addition to changing the zoom, you may also need to tweak the light level slightly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings until you find the right ones for your particular document.

Keep in mind that the specific commands for resizing documents may vary slightly from one copier to the next. If you ever have any questions about resizing text documents or images, consult the owner’s manual or talk to your local copier dealership.

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