How Can I Set Quotas On How Much My Staff Can Print?

Calendar Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Office Copy Machine

Are you having trouble figuring out which employees are spending the bulk of your copying budget making unnecessary copies? Would you simply like to optimize your printing and copying equipment? Regardless of the motive, there are a number of reasons that setting quotas on copying or printing can be beneficial for an organization.


Setting up a monitoring system for copying or printing is one of the simplest and most effective methods for keeping tabs on employee usage. Instead of having staff members fill out usage forms, which may or may not be accurate, the machine stores up to date statistics on all users. If specific employees are abusing their copying privileges, you can speak to them on an individual basis.

Reduced Costs

Most employees don’t think about the cost of making copies or printing documents. They run copy and print jobs as they always have without considering if there is anything that they could do improve efficiency. With hard data about copying and printing use for the varying machines in your office, you can make educated decisions that will bring down these costs.

Increased Productivity

If you have a quota system that includes real-time device monitoring, printing jobs will get routed to available devices as needed. For example, instead of having to wait for a two-page document because someone started printing 100 packets for an upcoming meeting, the system will route the job to an open machine.

What Technology Can Help Me Monitor Printer Usage?

Do you have Kyocera equipment in your office? If so, you may want to consider PrintQ Manager. This free server-based solution developed by Kyocera sets and monitors print quotas on any supported Kyocera device, including networked multifunction machines (MFPs) and printers. You can monitor, maintain, and analyze printing jobs and general device usage. These statistics allow companies to make well-informed decisions about equipment and supply purchases and allow them to set appropriate guidelines to reduce printing costs, decrease paper waste and optimize equipment deployment.

One of the key PrintQ Manager features is the capacity to monitor real-time device availability. Depending on current machine availability and the job requirement, it will route print jobs to different devices, enhancing output flexibility and ultimately, increasing workforce productivity.

UCI understands the importance of setting copying and printing quotas. As such, we work closely with our customers to help them set realistic limits and implement monitoring strategies that are a good fit for the goals of their companies and their employees. To learn more about our products and services, ask us today.