How Going Green With Kyocera Copiers Can Save Your Business Money

Calendar Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Kyocera Copiers in amarillo texas

Many businesses across the world are making it a priority to find more ways to minimize their environmental impact. This means using and working with products that are environmentally responsible, smart, and “green”. Kyocera Electronics provides copiers with a specially designed long lasting copier drum. Using these drums means that you do not have to change them as often as you would with other machines. This makes for an easy “toner only” replacement system. A long-lasting drum means less waste, and that is exactly what the Eco Footprint Recycling Program is all about. The program focuses on recycling the toner cartridges you change out, giving businesses and companies another way to save money, recycle, and work cleaner.

How toner recycling works

If you are a Kyocera customer, you can receive free recycling boxes from your equipment dealer. Once you have your box, put all of the used Kyocera toner cartridges into the recycling box. Simply seal the box and send it off at the post or shipping office. The recycling boxes will already have the shipping label, so there is no shipping or recycling costs to the customer. According to Kyocera, it is their way of saying “thank you” to customers supporting their eco-friendly program.

What happens to the recycled toner?

100% of Kyocera toner containers that are recycled is made into new, useful objects to serve a brand new purpose. This means that none of the copier waste ends up sitting in a landfill. Kyocera sends the materials to their partners at Close the Loop recycling facility who are able to use the recycled materials. The recycled toner cartridges are then transformed into things like park benches, asphalt, and pens.

Stay competitive

Staying competitive should benefit your business and the environment. Keeping a professional look to your documents, savings on operational costs, and minimizing environmental impact are all benefits of using eco friendly equipment. By recycling cartridges, you can help minimize water and air pollution because the waste is not going to a landfill or being incinerated. Recycling also protects natural materials and resources like water, oil, and wood. All of this comes together to increase environmental sustainability while keeping your business competitive

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