Getting The Most Out Of Your Copier

Calendar Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

copier display screen with color tonerA copy machine is a big purchase for a company and is integral to daily operations. You want to make sure that you get a high quality machine that suits the needs of your business so that you do not compromise the future of the company. Then you want to do everything that you can to keep the copier running smoothly for as long as possible. Taking a few simple tips will help you maintain the level of productivity that you need for a successful business.

Clean and calibrate copier on a regular basis

Keep the glass clean at all times as dust and dirt can result in gritty, smudged copies. Use an anti-static glass copier cleaner. You should also buy a copier vacuum that clears out the nooks and crannies without posing a risk of a fire or other hazard. Routine vacuuming gets rid of dust particles and keeps the ink flowing consistently and clearly. If you’re tight on time, consider using cleaning papers that assist with cleaning the interior of the copier. Make sure to buy the right type of cleaning paper for your copy machine.

All of the copier components must be aligned properly to keep producing clear, crisp copies. During this process, make sure to calibrate the color scales.

Store and load the paper properly

You should store copier paper in a dry, humidity-free location. Dusty or humid environments can result in copier jams or dirty copies. If paper does get wet or damaged, do not use it. When you load the paper, make sure that you do so correctly to minimize risk of jams.

Use the right ink and toner

Check the manual or consult with your copier dealer to confirm that you are using the right ink and toner. Using the wrong products can severely damage the machine.

Fix paper jams in a timely fashion

In the event that there is a paper jam, take care of it right away. Don’t let the problem sit overnight or over a weekend. If there are paper fragments, take them out carefully. A can of compressed air is effective for removing the remaining dust and particles. Any time the machine has sat unused for several days, replace the paper and check for jams to reduce the risk of a problem due to dust or moisture occurring right away.

Consult the manual as needed

Any time you are in doubt about how to fix an issue with the copier, check the manual before you attempt to make a repair. Look up the problem and decide whether or not you can complete the repair on your own. If the task is above your ability, call a technician. You don’t want to risk damaging your machine and putting it out of commission. Even a few hours of downtime can be detrimental for your company.

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