Finding The Right Copier For Your Mid-size Business In Lubbock

Calendar Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Answering questions about finding the right copier for your lubbock business

The line that once separated copiers from printers has all but vanished over the last few years. Nowadays, most businesses only need to buy one machine to have the functionality of both a printer and a copier, as well as a scanner. There’s a wide variety of machines with all kinds of options and features to choose from.

Scanning, faxing, image editing, full-bleed printing, and wireless connectivity are just scratching the surface of what some models can do. With such a large selection, finding a copier that is right for your business can seem like a monumental task. But, it isn’t as hard as you might think. Here’s a guide to help you find a machine that’s perfect for your mid-sized business.


What size and type of machine should I get?

In the case of a mid-sized business, there’s a few things to consider before picking a copier. How often does your company print? What size printer are you looking for? These are two of the most important questions you should answer before making a choice. If your Lubbock business prints large amounts of documents frequently, consider buying or leasing a freestanding machine. If you print large amounts of documents, but only occasionally, a large tabletop machine will be perfect. These copiers have networking functions and generally offer scanning, faxing, and printing capabilities.

The third factor in choosing a copier is deciding which type of machine your Lubbock business needs. There are two choices here: monochrome and color. Monochrome printers only use shades of black and white. Color printers use a combination of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). If your company primarily prints word documents, monochrome is a good choice. If you regularly print pictures and graphics, color printers are the best.

The final factor to consider is whether you need an inkjet or laser printer. Inkjets are best for small jobs or irregular use, and are great for printing high-quality colored images. But, there are models that can handle bigger jobs as well. Lasers are perfect for large, monochrome jobs. They offer fast work and can handle huge printing loads with no problems.

Important features to consider

Now that the basics are out of the way, here are some important features to keep in mind during your search for a copier.

  • Printing speed and capacity
    Printing speed is measured in “PPM”, or “Pages Per Minute.” The faster the printer is, the higher the PPM. For mid-sized businesses that print often, a PPM of at least 52 is recommended. Paper capacity is another crucial component. When looking for a copier, make sure the tray capacity is enough to meet the needs of your office.
  • Ink and toner
    Everyone knows how expensive new ink cartridges are. Before you buy or lease a machine, make sure you have some idea of how many pages you can get out of a cartridge. Look at the different prices of ink and toner, and compare them to find the best value. Another possibility is buying through third parties, but use caution when doing so.
  • Scanning
    When tackling a large scanning job, it’s a good idea to have a document feeder. Almost every machine has a scanner built in, but they don’t always have a feeder. If you plan to print double-sided documents, ensure the copier has this feature as well. You should also check the resolution of the scanners. Higher resolutions are better for printing graphics and images.
  • Graphics and memory
    When looking for a copier for a mid-sized business, dpi (dots per inch) is something to keep in mind. Low dpi is good for word documents, while higher dpi is better for images. Digital copiers usually have some kind of internal memory to store documents and scans. Make sure the machine you’re looking at has enough storage for the type of work your business handles.
  • Wireless printing
    Today, most copiers will have wireless printing capabilities. This functionality increases productivity and keeps your business flowing smoothly. To keep your machines secure, setting up an authentication system to prevent unauthorized access is a must.

Should I buy or lease my copier?

Businesses that rely heavily on their copier should definitely buy one over leasing one. However, if your large jobs are far and few between, you can lease a copier. Be careful to understand the terms of leasing before choosing a company to lease with.

Where can I get a copier for my business in Lubbock, Texas?

If you’re in the market for high-quality Copiers, UCI Documents has you covered. We offer a wide selection of machines from and take pride in providing our customers with quality service and reliability, no matter their business’ size.

Contact us at (806) 372-7722 or Contact Us by email today to learn more about our services, including Leasing and Copier Maintenance. You can also visit us in person at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo, Texas and 2034 82nd St. #101 in Lubbock, Texas.