Does Your Office or Business Need a Fast Copier?

Calendar Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

man looking at watching on wristEvery business wants a fast copier that can handle a high monthly volume. However, when your business is in the market for a new copier, it can be easier to focus on the fancy features that vendors promote than the factors that are most important. Copier speed and monthly volume should both be high priorities during the copier purchasing process.

What to think about when shopping for a copier

Keep in mind that copiers with higher prices have higher volume and speed capacities. Also, know the most cost-effective copier for a given company is not necessarily the fastest copier on the market. Typically copier speed is provided as pages per minutes or ppm. This figure is the number of letter-sized pages that a copier can run off in a single minute at full capacity. Business copier speeds have a range of 15ppm to 90ppm with the occasional 90ppm+ model.

Copiers are categorized according to speed with a range of Segment 1 to Segment 6. Segment 1 machines have a capacity of 15 to 22 ppm while Segment 6 machines can have a capacity of 90 to 100 ppm.

Segment 2 to 4

Most businesses can function smoothly with a Segment 2 to 4 division copier machine that gives them a range of 20 to 50ppm. Unless you are a self-employed business owner who works from home or you are in charge of a very small office, the Segment 1 machine copier times will be frustrating.

Segment 5 to 6

Segment 5 copiers are designed for print shops and large offices. They have a range of 70 to 90 ppm. Segment 6 copiers are intended for corporations of a commercial level. They have a capacity of 90 to 100 ppm or even higher. These machines are extremely powerful, but they also have high sticker prices. For the average company, these copiers are overkill.

Factor volume into the equation as you think about the copier speed. The number of copiers that a machine can run off each month is known as the duty cycle. A higher duty cycle equals a higher price tag on the copier. Keep in mind that you don’t want to select a slower copier simply to save a few dollars. When you overwork a copier, you can end up with expensive repairs. Be realistic about the number of copiers that you will make every month and budget accordingly.

As you calculate the optimal speed and volume for your company’s new copier, don’t forget to consider the maintenance agreement. An agreement details replacement toner as well as coverage for a business against parts and labor expenses if a copier breaks down. Some vendors build these expenses into the total monthly fee for the copier while other vendors charge separately for these costs.

If your office or business is looking to purchase or lease a new copier, don’t rush. Instead, call Amarillo copier company UCI and ask them about what kind of copier your office needs. Its professional employees will give you an honest answer about what kind of copier and speed consideration will truly benefit your office and employees. Contact UCI today to find out about their copier selection.