Does My Office Need A New Copier?

Calendar Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

stand up copierThere are some pieces of office equipment you simply can’t live without. Your computer, a comfortable desk chair, a great printer, and, of course, a high quality copier. How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your copier? Here are a couple things to ask yourself:

Is your office copier running slower than it used to? That could be a sign it’s time to replace it. Of course, maintaining your copy machine properly and taking good care of it could extend its life by up to three years. Change the toner when it’s required, and fixing parts that break along the way keep your copier in great shape and help you get your money’s worth from the machine. But if parts continually break or wear out and you’re spending money replacing and fixing them, your money may be better spent on a brand new copy machine.

How often do you use your copier? Do you require its services every day, or do you only use it now and then? You need to decide how often your office uses the copier. For offices that use a copy machine daily, it’s a must to have one that’s in top working condition, especially if you’re printing important or sensitive documents. It’s a general rule of thumb that companies who use a copy machine daily, such as a law firm, need to upgrade every two or three years.

My Office Needs A New Copier. What Should I Look For?

Now that you’ve decided your office needs to invest in a new copier, how do you decide which copier to purchase? There are several factors to consider when you purchase a new copier. Look for things like how fast the copier make copies, what’s the copier’s printing volume, and how much does it cost to keep the copier working. Add up items such as paper, toner, developer, and other things you need to replace frequently to see if the cost of the copier is a worthwhile investment.

Most copiers used today are digital color copiers that copy images onto paper using a laser format. These copiers are costly, but they work well and should last for years.

Does your company need a combination copier (a multi-functional product) such as a copy machine that also works as a fax, scanner, and printer? Those all-in-ones are another space-saving option that you may want to consider for your office. You may also need to know how much servicing your copy costs in the event of an issue, and if there are technicians available to help.

Where Can I Get A Customized Copier For My Business?

How would you like a customized copy machine that’s perfect for all of your office’s needs, and comes with its own technician to help you with every available issue? Contact UCI, a full-service Amarillo copier company, for more information about purchasing the perfect copier for your office needs as well as managed print and document services.