Decoding Long File Names on Scans

Calendar Thursday, December 12th, 2013

magnifying glass on white backgroundAre your scans coming back with a long file name for scans on your copier? When you are scanning a document or image from an email or attachment, you may come across extensions in form of characters. It then becomes a problem to open such a document and scan it. Here, we will discuss how to decode long file names hon scans from your copier.

How should the problem be handled?

The person sending you an attachment may encode it before sending it to you. When you receive it, it will usually be decoded back into the original file. If not, you will have problems accessing the document so that you can scan it.

How can you decode so that you can access a document?

If the program you are using decodes attachments automatically, it will do so in a number of steps. It may show a Display, Play or Open message. Right click in order to do so and also save the document that you wish to scan. You may also see an icon for the attachment which you can click on to open the document and save it. A third way may be to save the attachment to a predefined directory. This would be displayed as a note in the message.

What if decoding is not automatic?

Then, you will have to decode the document manually. This may be necessary in case of a situation where the sender has used an encoding method that your mail or program does not have automatic decoders. It may also be that your program decodes attachments but it needs further decoding.

If this is the case, make use of the program’s feature for save attachment. After this, use the manual decoder on the file. If note, you will have to save the raw message in form of a plain text file. The majority of programs come with the option to File, Save As which enables you to save a message as an external file.

This may give the file a special extension but this will usually be a plain text file. A file name will usually start with scan or doc. The first few numbers will usually be the actual scan number and the others may be dates and times. Your document may for instance come up as doc0003420131028150432.pdf. Once you access the document, simply choose the file name button and rename the document.

What if I still have a problem?

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