Common Mistakes When Buying A Copier

Calendar Monday, October 26th, 2020

common copier mistakes

Purchasing a copier is a big decision for any company big or small. Copiers should last for a number of years. It is important to choose the best copier the first time around. This article will highlight the common mistakes many business owners make when purchasing copiers and how to avoid them.

Buying a Copier Online

For many business owners, the biggest attraction of purchasing a copier online is the pricing. While the numbers may be enticing, purchasing online comes with a lot of uncertainty. Many online prices do not include accessories such as a document feeder or a finisher for the copier. Most businesses are unprepared to set up a copier, connect it to a network, and train employees on the devices. UCI Documents offers to set up and training for you.

Not Understanding the Lease

Before signing a lease on a copier, don’t make the mistake of not understanding the terms and agreements. Have your salesperson go through the lease with you and answer any questions you may have. Make sure the term length, whether it is fair market value or dollar out the lease, and if changes can be made as to the needs of your company change.

Underbuying or Overbuying

It is frustrating using a copier that doesn’t meet the needs of your business, but it is also a waste of money to buy a copier that is overkill. Be realistic about your budget and requirements for a copier, and stick with them and be sure to work with a trusted retailer.

Let Us Help You

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