Choosing The Best Printer For Your Business

Calendar Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

UCI Documents - Choosing The Best Printer For Your Business

Too many inexperienced business owners have made a wrong decision because they were overwhelmed with the amount of printers available on the market today. It’s important to follow some guidelines when choosing the right one for the way your business operates on a daily basis. Here is a quick guide for choosing the best printer for your business:

Inkjet or laser printer?

Choosing the right printer that best fits your business needs is a very important decision as most offices use either inkjet or laser. The preference in today’s business world is laser because they make busy work days run smoothly.

Inkjet printers are a common choice for personal and home office use, but they can become a vital office tool for small businesses as well. The workload for these type of companies are much smaller than larger conglomerates, and they can be handled by an inkjet without much delay.

Wireless or wire printer?

Deciding between a wireless or wire printer is strictly based on your own preference or the size of your business. If your have multiple employees, than a wireless option is better because more than one person can have online access. Often, they offer faster printing speeds and better finishing options than the competition. Also, wireless types are capable of handling copying, scanning, emailing and faxing away from an employee’s desk.

Wire printers are a better choice for businesses with a smaller work staff, especially if connecting isn’t a major priority away from the office. Wire printers are more reliable and provide more secure lines than their wireless counterparts, which is necessary in certain business environments.

Color or monochrome printer?

Color printers are used for proposal presentations that feature custom logos, graphics, and other visuals that support the quality of your work to a potential client. Other types of businesses solely print out plain black and white text documents and spreadsheets, which makes a monochrome printer a suitable option for their workplace. Some may argue that color printers are a more popular choice, but the final sales price makes monochrome printers a cheaper, more sensible option.

Printer price?

It’s important to devise a budget plan before going out and shopping for a new printer. Stay within your price range, so you won’t put any financial strain on your business. Obviously, if you have a larger budget, then more expensive options should be considered because of the better finished product they offer.

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