Choosing Between An Office Copier And A Multi-function Copier

Calendar Tuesday, October 29th, 2019


Technology is constantly evolving, even in the copier world. When it is time for you to choose new equipment for your business, you may not be sure what to pick. Two common options are regular office copiers and multi-function copiers. It may seem like these two are the same, but each is a different machine with different features and capabilities.

What are the differences between these copiers?

An office copier is capable of printing and copying, but nothing else. This doesn’t mean that a basic machine might not be right for your business, though. Multi-function copiers can copy, print, scan, fax, and email documents. They also accept additional software that allows your office to do more like manage documents.

Features of a multi-function copier

If you are thinking about choosing a multi-function copier, it is important to know what their basic functions are. Here are some of the most commonly used features.

Printing and copying

Multi-function copiers perform these tasks just as well as office copiers, sometimes better. Some models print and copy faster, while others have crisp color printing capabilities. There are a large variety of brands and models available that all vary in functionality. Capacity, speed, color, security, and memory are important factors that can affect print/copy efficiency.

Scanning functionality

Multi-function copiers allow you to scan documents directly to your email and network folders. This is a benefit to offices that work with large amounts of documents. You can quickly send documents to anyone who has access to this feature.

Converting written documents

Some multi-function copiers have the option of converting handwritten documents to a Word document. Using optical character recognition, these machines can accurately read and produce documents for you. This saves time and can even help you save money on data entry costs.

Security features

One of the most important things business owners and employees should consider is security. Your copier can actually help your office be more secure. Here are two features to consider when choosing between an office copier and a multi-function machine.

  • File encryption: Once you have scanned in a document, this feature allows you to encrypt the digital file. Only those that are allowed to access the secured information will be able to. This is especially helpful for legal firms and healthcare facilities.
  • Access control: If you need to limit access to a copier, this feature is for you. Only authorized users will be allowed to use the machine. You can also limit functions to specific employees, which can help you increase security AND save money.

The benefits of choosing a multi-function copier

Overall, you can expect a variety of benefits by choosing one of these machines. These include enhanced print quality, more security, increased efficiency, better cost-savings, and more options. Any office can enjoy these benefits because multi-function copiers can fit in almost any office. The most important thing to remember is that your needs are unique. You should speak with an expert to be sure you are getting the right machine for your business.

Do you need help choosing a copier?

If you would like to learn more about office copiers and multi-function machines, UCI Document Solutions can help. We provide a variety of Copiers with varying features, as well as Repair services and even Leasing. Give us a call at (806) 372-7722 in Amarillo or (806) 722-0544 in Lubbock, or Contact Us by email for more information.