Change Your Copy Machine Drum In Seven Easy Steps

Calendar Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

inner parts of a copierTechnology is constantly changing and whether you are regularly in an office environment, or you have just returned to an office after several years off, knowing how to do what seems to be simple tasks can actually be confusing and time-consuming. Changing a copy machine drum is one of these tasks that can be tricky if you are unsure how to go about it.

How To Change A Copy Machine Drum

Following these steps can help take the confusion out of changing a copy machine drum.

  • If the copy machine you are working with has several drawers and different doors, you may want to look at the manual first. Most manuals can be found online through a simple search.
  • Once you’ve located where the drum should be, open the main copier door and look for the correct level. You may find each separate level is color coded and this can help you locate the right place in the future.
  • Remove the entire cartridge from the machine. You should now see the drum cartridge fitted inside the main toner cartridge. Slide it out carefully.
  • Now that you have the old cartridge out, open the new cartridge. Ensure that you don’t touch the sides of the cartridge, as this will lead to ink on your fingers.
  • Take the new drum and place it inside the main cartridge; you will know it is secure when you hear it click into place.
  • Now you can put the main cartridge back into the machine, closing all opened doors.
  • Your copier machine should be able to detect that a new cartridge is in place. This should show up on the copy machine’s main screen.

If your copy machine is still acting as if the cartridge needs to be replaced, you may need to open the machine back up and check that the cartridge has been inserted correctly and that all doors within the copier are closed.

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