Are You Wasting Money On Your Printer?

Calendar Thursday, October 16th, 2014


Many organizations buy ink and paper for their printers when they run low without thinking about how much money they’re spending on printing. A staggering amount of printing is unnecessary, leaving stacks of pages sitting in printers completely abandoned. A single employee can use as many as 10,000 pages annually, which amounts to about $1,000 in printing costs alone.

Even when companies are aware of these statistics, they are often hesitant to make changes, preferring to put their efforts elsewhere. Assessing the following basic printing factors and making adjustments as needed can result in significant savings.

Not Thinking Before You Print

It’s easy for employees to adopt an “it’s not my money” attitude when it comes to printing at work. They don’t think twice about making sure that a web browser is set on the right page or ask themselves whether or not they need to print an entire 20 page ebook before they hit the print button. While there are times that employees need to print large quantities, there are also times that they don’t need to print as many pages, or can skip printing altogether. Encourage employees to stop for a second and consider the document at hand before hitting the print button so they can reduce printing whenever possible.

Printing Single-Sided Pages And Multiple Pages Per Sheet

If you’ve always printed single-sided pages, you probably haven’t even thought about printing on both sides of the page. You can print Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and web pages on both sides of the page and even with multiple pages per sheet. Start by setting the printer on default for two-sided printing. Employees will still have the option to print on a single side, but will be less likely to do so. If you’d like to print multiple pages on one sheet, look for this option in the printing dialog box. Some print drivers feature an “N-up” choice to set the number of pages that you want to print on one page manually.

Using Third Party Or Other Low Quality Ink

Have you been buying third party ink to save a few dollars? If you’re interested in third party options, do your research first. Sometimes you can save money, but you don’t want it to come with the hassle of compromised output quality or frequently clogged nozzles.

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