6 Myths About Your Printer That Could Be Costing You

Calendar Friday, November 15th, 2019


Myths like unicorns are entertaining, but most people understand that they aren’t real. When it comes to modern myths (or misconceptions), like those related to your printer, it can actually be easy to believe they are true. Here are some of the most believed myths about your business printer.

Printing doesn’t cost that much money

When small and medium sized businesses print large amounts of documents, the costs do add up. They include paper, toner, printer maintenance and repair, and even purchasing or leasing the machine. For businesses that do not have printing policies or tracking methods, the costs could be higher.

If you want to save money, encourage color printing only when necessary and use double-sided printing more often. You can also suggest to your team that using digital documents (along with good document management) can help reduce printing costs.

The type of ink or toner you use doesn’t matter

This myth says that using ink or toner doesn’t matter cost wise. The truth is that toner cartridges are more expensive than basic ink, but they will last longer. This means you will save money in the long-run. You will also get higher-quality prints and be able to use more than just printer paper if needed. If you only do large print jobs every once in a while and for short periods of time, using black ink is fine. The choice you make will depend on your unique needs.

You need to replace ink or toner as soon as the levels are low

Your printer will let you know when you need more ink or toner by turning on a warning light. This doesn’t mean that you are out of the product, though. You should have enough ink or toner left to do at least some print jobs. If you have been replacing these when the light is on, you can save money by waiting.

You don’t have to get a new printer until the other one has died

Like other equipment, your office printer will eventually break down and become less efficient. You can keep using it until it no longer works at all, but this will most likely cost you significantly in repairs. If you experience print quality issues or pay heavy costs to use your old printer, it can be worth it to invest in a new one.

Printers aren’t a security concern

You may be surprised, but your printer can be just as vulnerable to security threats as your computer. This is because your printer is connected to a network. If you have private information stored in the same network and the printer is open to attack, that information is also vulnerable. A hacker may just steal information or may even shut your entire network down to hold your information for ransom. Talk to an IT expert to learn more about printer and network security.

Your printer is the only thing that causes paper jams

Sometimes your printer can cause a paper jam. But oftentimes, it is actually the person doing the print job that does this. Be sure that all of your staff know how to use the machine properly and troubleshoot a paper jam. Straighten the paper in the tray and ensure that each sheet is facing the same direction. Also, be sure not to overfill the tray.

Getting a printer for your office in the Texas Panhandle

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