5 Ways To Save With Managed Print Services

Calendar Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

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Many businesses have no idea how much money they’re spending on their printers. When printers run low on paper or ink, they buy more and don’t give it a second thought. If you don’t have the expertise or staff to manage your printer expenses and running reports, you may want to think about managed print services to save both time and money. The following details just five ways that you can save with managed print services:

1. More efficient machines. Many older printers consume more power and don’t use ink and toner as efficiently. The new machines that come with your managed print services contract are guaranteed to be more energy efficient with optimized ink and toner use.

2. Less down time. Does your IT staff spend the majority of their time troubleshooting error messages? When you have a disorganized printer setup with multiple types of machines and numerous connectivity issues, it’s inevitable that trouble shooting will consume a significant amount of time. Managed print services standardize hardware and software needs, reducing the number of IT issues and freeing your in-house IT staff to put their time toward more important tasks.

3. Optimal printer location. Most employees love the convenience of being able to print right at their own desks or to have control over where the printers are placed in the office. Using personal printers can cost more than five times as much as it does to use a centralized printing station. Managed print services determine the best place to set up printers to optimize efficiency and decrease expenses.

4. Reduced paper, toner, and ink expenses. It’s possible to buy a new printer with an ink cartridge for the same price as a single laser printer cartridge. It’s also possible to blow your budget by overstocking supplies when you don’t know how much to get each month. With managed print services, you can cut down on these substantial expenses and eliminate the hassle of sending employees out for more supplies. Many contracts include automatic shipments with replacement paper, toner, and ink based on your company’s particular printing needs.

5. Outsourced expertise. Hiring an in-house staff member to handle your print management tasks can be expensive. You may actually save money by outsourcing these tasks to experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

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