5 Tips on How to Keep Your Copier In Good Shape

Calendar Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

the number five on a red backgroundA copier is a complex machine with multiple systems. Every modern copier contains a combination of electrical, mechanical, digital, and chemical systems. While it is amazing to have a single machine with so many different functions, regular maintenance is required to keep everything in full working order. In order to keep your office or business copier working well, you must complete routine cleaning and tune ups and take care of issues that do arise in a timely fashion. Follow these 5 tips for cleaning, repairing, and servicing your copier to help keep it in good shape.

1) Use reputable vendors

You cannot assume that every kind of copier supplies (i.e. toner, paper) and supplier are the same. There can be significant differences between one vendor and the next. It is best practice to purchase supplies from vendors that you can trust. If you’re not sure who to use, get in touch with the copier manufacturer or your local copier company. You can also ask similar companies in the area for recommendations.

2) Remove paper jams properly

In the event of a paper jam, take the paper out the way that it travels through the paper path. Never yank the paper out roughly. Yanking paper is not an effective strategy for getting all of the paper out of the machine. You don’t want to be left with small shreds that are difficult to remove.

3) Replace parts in a timely manner

Most components of a copier have a lifespan. After years or even months of intensive use, it is inevitable that certain parts will need repairs or need to be replaced. Consult your manual or manufacturer if you believe that one or more parts are causing issues with your copier to determine the best course of action for repairing or replacing them. Don’t forget to check the cleaning pads, fuser oils, and ozone filters.

4) Have the unit cleaned on a regular basis

There are a number of parts in a copy machine that require regular cleaning. Companies can take care of some of the cleaning on their own. For example, anyone can purchase copier specific glass cleaner and clean the glass with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. In comparison, businesses must use a professional to clean the copier’s internal lenses, connections, mirrors, and paper paths. When you don’t get professional help as needed, you may damage the machine.

5) Go local

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