3 Common Copier Problems And How To Solve Them

Calendar Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020


After buying a copier, you should not experience too many problems. However, copiers can malfunction over time. It is best to be prepared before any problems happen by knowing some of the common copier issues and their fixes.

Mechanical issues

Mechanical malfunctions are some of the most frustrating because they can be hard to identify and fix without help. One common issue is when your copier loses connection while printing. If you have issues when printing, be sure to check that all cables are plugged in and that the machine is turned on. If these aren’t causing the problem, try the following tips.

  • Make sure the machine is connected as the default copier/printer.
  • Check that the right port is selected.
  • Cancel all printing jobs in the queue and try again.
  • Check for any error codes and follow instructions on the printer or in the manual.
  • Read the manual to see if it has any information about the specific problem.

If you do not use the correct ink for your copier, it can actually harm the components. Also, you should not let your ink cartridges dry out due to disuse. If your copier has ink leaking anywhere on the components, you may have to clean the entire printer. Following the manual when it comes to using ink and cartridges properly can help you avoid these problems.

Finally, paper jams are a common problem that can happen when paper is not loaded properly or when it is the wrong size. Simply remove the paper that is jamming the process and reload the correct paper to fix this issue. If paper dust is stopping your prints, wipe away the dust you can see and periodically remove any new dust.

Noises and smells

Copiers are known to make noises, but if you hear anything out of the ordinary like cracking, whining, creaking, or whistling, check the paper feed trays. If you find any obstructions, remove them and try reprinting. Contact a technician if the noises continue.

You should not typically smell anything coming from your printer, especially smoke. If you smell something burning or smoky, it may be caused by faulty wires or paper in the fuser. Both problems indicate that you need to turn your printer off and have it serviced as soon as possible.

Problems with print quality

There are many problems you can run into when it comes to print quality. If you have a high-quality copier, these should not happen often, but they are considered some of the most common.

Copies that are too dark or light

This issue is often caused by an imbalance in the color density settings on the copier. Resetting the density can help. If the issue is caused by a drum that is too old, the component will need to be replaced. A low-quality toner can also cause light copies.

Lines on the page

Lines can appear on copies with text and images and can be caused by many factors. Parts like the drum, developer unit, and fusers can cause streaks and lines. Also, running out of toner can be a problem, but this is easier to fix. If you can’t solve these issues on your own or suspect a larger problem, a professional copier repair company can help.

Smudges, spots, and other marks

The window glass and mirrors in your copier should be cleaned regularly to prevent marks and smudges from happening. Once you have cleaned these parts, run a clean sheet of paper through. If the issue is still happening, there may be a mechanical malfunction.

Do you need copier maintenance?

If you are experiencing copier problems and aren’t sure how to fix them, contacting an experienced repair company can help. At UCI Document Solutions, we can help you inspect, maintain, and Repair copiers of all sizes.

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