10 Ways To Enhance Your Copier

Calendar Thursday, September 4th, 2014


The copier area is certainly the hub of almost any growing business. After all, it has a central role in everything from promotions to office operations. Even on the worst of days, this machine needs to be kept in tip-top shape. Without it, you run the risk of losing valuable resources, like daily productivity.

10 Tips To Prolong The Life Of The Office Copier

Once the copier is up and running, you tend to forget the simple steps involved in maintaining it. Life gets busy; there are always projects in need of your attention, and before you know it, you are staring down the barrel at multiple service problems.

To stop this domino effect from happening, we’ve collected 10 quick tips to maintain your copier without a lot of effort on your part.

1. Keep it clean. Pretty basic, right? Dust and debris will affect the copy quality, so use special anti-static glass cleaner regularly.

2. Always store the paper properly. This is important in humid or dusty environments as moisture and particles can transfer to the machine components and cause jams.

3. Any old ink won’t do. Using the wrong ink and toner will breakdown a copier over time. Pay strict attention to the type your machine takes and don’t take any chances.

4. Get it vacuumed. It sounds odd, but it works. When you get your copier serviced, make sure that includes a good vacuuming.

5. Don’t fly blind. Troubleshooting tips for basic problems are included in the instruction manual that comes with your copier. If something goes wrong, resist the urge to fix it on your own. Use the manual and/or call a professional.

6. Fix paper jams ASAP. This is a big lifesaver for your copier. People often get frustrated with paper jams and simply walk away making a mental note to deal with the problem later. This is a mistake, as leaving a paper jam to its own devices can cause debris to build up in the machine. Always clear jams right away.

7. Cleaning papers can be a quick fix. To clean the inside of your copier in a snap, buy a supply of cleaning papers to have on-hand.

8. Toner and ink go hand-in-hand. These are probably the largest ongoing expenses of maintaining a copier. Make sure to keep an eye on both of these supplies and replace them with the right type.

9. Warm up the machine. Every Monday morning check the copier for signs of debris, switch out the paper, and clean it as needed.

10. Calibrate. Aligning the ink cartridges preserves the copier image quality.

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